Our Tours


Contact us by emailing davids@borealisbiketours-unlimited.com or calling (867) 447-0037 to book a tour with us.

Our tours range in size from 1 guest up to 12 guests maximum depending on bike size availability.

Our tours include:

- 1 fat bike of appropriate size

- adjustable helmet

- cycling gloves

- mid ride snack break including beverage

- optional photo package pending on photographer availability

​- optional finish destination of your choice. (We will pick up the bikes)

Prices range from $80 to $130 + GST per person depending on size of tour and optional packages

How to Book a Tour

1- Send an email to davids@borealisbiketours-unlimited.com or call (867) 447-0037

​2- Specify number of guests, their ages, approximate height (cm or inches), preferred dates and times and skill level

3- Specify any attractions in Yellowknife that you might like to visit or see along the way

4- Indicate if you would like a return loop tour or A to B tour that could finish at a popular restaurant or attraction of your choice.

5- Based on the above information, we will then send you a quote.

6- Once the tour is agreed upon, then booking confirmation and payment will be confirmed.

7- Payment can be made by Visa, MasterCard or cash.